Kitengela International School salary


Kitengela International School is one of the highest paying international schools in Kenya. The salary of a normal teacher at the school range between Ksh 80,000 and Ksh 200,000 per month. The school pays teachers based on qualification, experience and bargaining power of a teacher. There are teachers at the school who earn over Ksh400,000 per month, especially those who have worked at the school for more than 5 years and hold senior position.

What I like about the school is that they review salaries annually. If for instance a teacher joins the school this year with a salary of Ksh80,000 within 3 years, he will earn over Ksh 100,000.

If a teacher wants to earn over Ksh150, 000, they have to pursue a degree course and supplement it with a course like French, Germany, Italian, Chinese or any other foreign language which is on demand in Kenya. Skills like physical exercise, swimming pool, horse racing and First Aid are also essential.

Here is the salary expectation for a teacher at Kitengela International School

New teacher—Ksh80,000 to Ksh 120,000 per month

3-5 years experience—Ksh100,000 to Ksh150,000 per month

5-10 years experience—Ksh 120,000 to Ksh 300,000 per month

Senior Teachers—more than Ksh200,000 per month

Head Teacher—More than Ksh 700,000 per month

Deputy Head Teacher—More than Ksh 500,000 per month