Why Vera Sidika is growing thin and weak every day, she has lost weight and her huge behind…see her latest photo


Vera Sidika successfully underwent surgery in her private parts after she delivered her first born. The socialite delivered her baby a couple of months ago but it seems the process was not 100% successful, she underwent surgery. After being silent for two months, she posted her latest photo today. Kenyans were shocked that the huge behind were no more.

The socialite had done surgery few years ago to increase her behind so as to attract rich men. But this time around she was told that the fat must be removed for her to survive. After surgery,the behind were slim and flat.

Claimed that she almost lost her life during the surgery and that she will post videos in few days to show Kenyans what she went through.Married to Brown Mauzo,the socialite said the surgery saved her life.

Here is her latest photo: