Why Vera Sidika lost her huge buttocks, this is what happened (Photo)


Vera Sidika has no huge buttocks remaining, her behind is flat. The socialite had done surgery to enlarge her buttocks, spending over Ksh 1 million. After spending that amount,she started attracting rich men until she purchased a house in Nairobi with the money she got by dating the men.

Two years ago,she started dating Brown Mauzo and they were blessed with a child.But after giving birth, she developed complication.Doctors advised her to remove the excess fat in her buttocks because they could lead to her death if not hurriedly done.Vera refused at first but after suffering for a couple of weeks,she took herself to hospital.

In September,a surgery was done and she lost her buttocks.Her behind is even worse than before.Kenyans were shocked when she posted her latest photo after the surgery.

This goes to women,love yourself the way you are,stop bleaching your skin,stop doing plastic surgery unless it’s recommended by a doctor.

Here is a photo showing changes Vera underwent: