Why Kikuyu men don’t marry Kabete women


Kabete women are feared, kikuyu women don’t marry them. If you are going to rent a house in Kabete, you’ll discover that your land lady does not have a husband. Their husbands built those houses and died mysteriously, leaving the wealth to the wives. All the houses in Kabete are owned by women, their husbands are dead.

It’s believed that their husbands got wealth and started cheating on them. Those women didn’t want to tolerate the habit, they eliminated them. Some husbands were helped to build the houses by their wives, they started pocketing the money, leaving the wives with nothing.

One mistake such men did was to eat the money alone or with people who were not with them when the man was growing. The wives were annoyed and decided to eliminate them.

Kikuyu men have been told such stories, they now fear to marry women from Kabete.

It’s also strange that in Eastlands Nairobi, majority of the houses there are owned by land ladies—their husbands died before enjoying the wealth.

In Kabete,it’s only less than 20% of the houses owned by men,the rest are owned by land ladies ,commonly known as “aunt wa Harrier”.

Nowadays Kikuyu men fear to marry,they better marry alcohol than women.They fear creating wealth and getting eliminated without enjoying the money.