Kisii man Fakes heart attack to get engagement proposal from his girlfriend—see photos


A Kisii man has shocked his friends and excited enemies when he faked heart attack in order to get engaged to his girlfriend of 3 months.Jared,who lives in kisii waited until his girlfriend is near to fall down, roll several times on the ground as he touched his heart.The girl screamed and called people to take him to hospital.

While people were struggling to put him into an ambulance, he woke up and removed an engagement ring from his pocket, then held his girlfriend’s hand to put the ring.

The two left the scene few minutes later as they held hands tight.His girlfriend confessed her love for the man and told people that he can take a bullet for him. Jared was also happy to note that she was willing to go extra mile in helping him from the heart attack.

Here are the photos of the two during the drama: