is lwe football investment legit


LWE football investment is one of unique sites which operate as legit but it’s a scam.One of the red flags is being promised 100% guarantee winnings daily.This is impossible in regards to betting on football matches. Legit betting sites do not guarantee 100% winning,they just provide you with matches, you bet on yourself,win or lose.

Have you asked yourself,how do they survive if everyone is winning?It means they will reach a point where they will encourage people to deposit huge amounts of money then disappear with the cash.

Over the past 12 years I have been blogging,I have come across many sites which promise people heaven. They encourage you to deposit money into their platforms, then give you free money when you refer your friends.for example, you will deposit Ksh 10,000,the amount will miraculously grow to Ksh20,000 in a week without doing anything. When you refer someone, you earn Ksh10,000 extra. You are allowed to withdraw ones in order to attract more members.Once they have received enough money from you,they block your account.Lwe football investment will do the same and you’ll eventually lose your cash.

This is a company which is not legally registered in Kenya,if they disappear today,you’ll never get them anywhere.

As you deposit your money there please remember I warned you.