LWE Football Investment is a scam—see it has disappeared with Ksh 200 million belonging to Kenyans


LWE Football Investment has gone under. This company has all along been a scam but Kenyans did not heed to our advice. Earlier we warned our readers not to deposit money into the company’s account but due to greed, they deposited more and more as we warned them. The more we said it’s a scam, the more money their deposited. One of our readers even showed us an MPESA message showing Ksh100, 000 he had sent to LWE Football Investment, he was expecting Ksh1, 200,000 in two weeks…he called us enemy of progress.

This week, thousands of Kenyans went to withdraw their millions from the company only to be told that there is nothing like that, the option to withdraw was not available. It’s believed that over Ksh200 million is the amount of money Kenyans have lost to the founders of the platform.

From Sunday to this date, nobody has been able to withdraw their money—it’s gone.

LWE Football Investment is just like Public Likes and Amazon Web which swindled Kenyans billions of money.

People have known that Kenyans want to become rich quickly, which is why they come us with such schemes.

Incase you deposited money into LWE Football Investment, count it as a loss—pole!