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Biggest Winnings at Online Casinos or Lotteries


With the rise of the online gambling industry, casino games became accessible to almost anyone. Players could explore games from the comfort of their homes and avoid unnecessary costs. As a result, the gambling world saw an enormous boom in the number of customers. Casino enthusiasts massively began to join different operators and enjoy this new experience.


What is more, the online gambling world boasted the biggest winners in the history of casinos. Nowadays, gamblers from the United Kingdom can simply browse the newest UK online casinos and see what is new on the market. Every year, the number of betting sites increases, and so does the number of lucky winners in the UK and elsewhere.

Largest Slot Machine Payouts Ever

To start with, betting sites feature a variety of slots, and these are extremely popular among players. It comes as no surprise then that over time gamblers got lucky at online casinos playing slots and eventually hitting jackpots. In fact, some of the biggest wins ever recorded were paid out on slot machines. 

Thanks to the advancements in international banking and internet payments, the slot machine player base increased exponentially. Thus, gamblers can look for operators accepting a particular e-wallet, cryptocurrency, etc. These days, betting platforms feature virtually every payment method. As a result, you can easily find new paypal casino sites, look for the highest-payout slots, and maximize your chances of winning. This is why lots of people who live in countries where online gambling is illegal can easily enjoy their hobby. They usually have access to PayPal and VPN.

Below are gamers who entered the Guinness World Records on account of winning the largest sum on a jackpot:

The Holder of the Guinness World Record for the Biggest Jackpot Win

At the top of this list sits a 40-year-old casino fan who won a swooping $24 million. In 2013, a player named John Heywood initiated a Mega Fortune slot game and, to his fortune, hit the progressive jackpot. What is more, he won the eight-figure jackpot after staking only 25 cents. Thus, this win also earned its place on the list of winning the biggest prize at the lowest cost. 

The Second Largest Jackpot Win

The person holding second place in the Guinness World Record won more than $23.6 million. In April 2021, this Belgian man played a slot adaptation of Alice in Wonderland at Napoleon Sports & Casino. The payout was so large that it ranks in the top 10 largest wins on slots (both in physical casinos and online sites). Additionally, this is the latest biggest win for playing a slot machine game.

The Third Biggest Online Casino Jackpot

In 2018, one player won what equated to more than a massive $23.5 million at the time of the win. Like the Record holder, he also bet some insignificant sum. In less than 50 spins on Mega Moolah, the player successfully earned his fortune. The Guinness Books of World Records even showed interest in this win, coming from the Grand Mondial Online Casino.

Fourth Place

A soldier from London hit a lucky spin which unlocked the bonus round while playing Mega Moolah. Then, he was so fortunate to progress through all three rounds of the Mega Jackpot wheel and claim the top prize. Another reason why this is such a joyful event is that the man really needed extra cash to pay for his father’s treatment. So many see this win as divine intervention.

Biggest Lottery Payout in the Online Casino Industry

On 1 June 2018, one online casino operator paid out the largest lottery winning in the history of the online gambling industry. A 36-year-old woman named Christina received a swooping $137,000,000 from Lottland Limited. She won the EuroJackpot and became the person to achieve the largest win on lotteries ever.


To summarize, with the advancement of gambling websites, the casino world witnessed an increase in the number of users. In turn, the number of winners also saw growth. For those who get lucky enough, online casino wins can be fairly lucrative. The mentioned gamblers were fortunate enough to win the massive amounts you read about.

Most players received the biggest prizes by playing slot machines and hitting the top prizes. Gamblers can win larger sums on these compared to any other game. Thus, this article focused on the top jackpot winners rather than table game winners or similar.

For the end of this article, it is important to note that this is a matter of luck. Also, you shouldn’t rely too much on these stories and expect these amounts. You should play for fun instead.