Photos of Bernice Saroni,the woman hosting Samidoh in USA


Kikuyu musician Samidoh is feeling good in USA.Bernice Saroni is the woman who has been hosting the musician in USA,he has stayed there for one week and he doesn’t intend to return to Kenya soon. The two have been spotted having good time in public.

Saroni hails from Mount Kenya region, she is a mother of two .But during Samidoh’s tour, she was seen accompanying him everywhere. Their closeness forced Karen Nyamu to complain, she wondered how Samidoh where Samidoh was sleeping at night.Karen vowed to fight for her marriage to the bitter end.

Kenyans have urged the musician not to leave USA without impregnating Bernice, arguing that she has a perfect body.

Here is the woman Kenyans are talking about: