How to Analyze Sportpesa Mega Jackpot


I have come across several Kenyans asking how they can analyze Sportpesa Mega jackpot and win a bonus. While some of the players know the tricks to employ, we still have millions who have tried several times but failed.I personally know a couple of guys who win at least 10 times a year.

If you want to win a bonus from Sportpesa Mega jackpot, ensure that you bet on weekly basis, don’t skip any week no matter what. In most cases, the day you skip is the day you were to win.

If you look at previous combinations of results, you will notice that every jackpot has a specific pattern. This week, home wins will dominate, next week away wins will dominate and the next week draws will dominate. Before you start analyzing, figure out how the pattern will be basing on previous results.

I have always observed that when home team odds are 2 and away team 3 in a match, the result is either draw or away win—rarely will the result favour home team.Also,if for instance the away team odds are 2.8 and home team 2.70  there are high chances that away team will win.

Another secret you should know is that the best odds are either immediately the jackpot is posted on the site or few minutes before the website is closed. Those are the best times to bet for the jackpot.

Analysis of the jackpot is not easy, which is why there are double chances. Always make use of the double chances. If you have enough capital, place all the 7 double chances.

Another way of winning is by placing many bets, this increases your chances of winning. There are individuals who place as many as 100 bets per weekend. Most of them end up winning huge bonuses.

Use divide and win method.This is one of the best strategies to employ. Split the jackpot games into three or 4 parts and analyze each part separately then combine all the parts. Your target is to get at least 3/4 games correct in each part.

Do thorough research before picking your winning games.Don’t assume that a particular team will obviously win because it had been winning over the rival team. There is a reason why that match is in the jackpot.In most cases,if your heart tells you that team A will win,pick team B because in betting,you are more than 90% likely to pick a wrong option.

Finally, subscribe to receive accurate predictions from a reliable prediction site

There are many companies offering football and Sportpesa Mega jackpot tips. Don’t assume that you know everything and ignore bets from other sources. By getting tips from an external source, you are able to compare with yours and increase your chances of winning.

We offer weekly predictions for Sportpesa Mega jackpot, we have actually helped thousands of Kenyans win bonuses. If you want to be part of the group receiving or tips, pay Ksh1, 000 per month or Ksh 500 for two weeks as follows:

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