Photo of Pastor Ezekiel’s Ksh1 billion house in Mombasa


Pastor Ezekiel is one of the fastest rising preachers in Kenya. He is the first preacher in Kenya to fill Kasarani Stadium. What has shocked many Kenyans is the fact that the pastor owns a Ksh 1 billion house in Mombasa which is built to accommodate over 500 people.

Pastor Ezekiel built the house using the tithes he collects in his church. He wanted to bring heaven here on earth .Photos show his mansion sitting on 3 acre piece of land which he paid cash for.The house is of modern designs and it’s rare to find such houses in the country.

The pastor prays for Mpango Wa Kando to die,which is why he has huge following of married women.He also prays for marriages and prophesies whether your marriage will stand or die.

Here is the photo of the preacher’s house in Mombasa: