Brazil Squad for World Cup 2022 in Qatar


Selecao has been on the back foot ever since 2002, but it is all changing right in front of our eyes. The Brazilians are one of the favourites to win the ongoing World Cup. In this article, we will try to learn why that is and what made them like this, as well as tell you where the best place to bet on the World Cup is at the moment.

Where should You Bet on the World Cup?

First things first, let us learn where the best place is to make some bets on the World Cup matches.  Previously, our answer would have been quite clear, OmokaBet. But sadly, the platform is no longer operational. However, many more gaming websites have sprung up since the OmokaBet shutdown, and they are a reasonable alternative to the much-beloved platform. 

An Overview of Selecao 2022

To make a long story short, Brazil this year is very, very strong. on par with, if not far ahead of, other tournament headliners. They came prepared, and they are definitely going to show it, but let us discuss it in more detail.


Throughout the years, Brazilian national teams have always had strong attackers. The list goes on and on with legends like Pele, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Romario, Rivaldo, etc. It is also the case this year.

Probably the biggest star of the Selecao at the moment is Neymar. A star-struck prodigy and the ace of the team but he is not the only one of whom Brazil’s opponents should be scared. 

Gabriel Jesus and Richarlison will also be an immense threat to every adversary; they both are currently playing in the EPL, but their playstyles differ vastly. Jesus is a versatile “jack of all trades” forward, whereas Richardson prefers brute force and a fast pace. However, that is not all.

During the 2021 season, Tite brought some new blood to the team with such players as Rodrygo, Antony, and Raphinha. Collectively called “fast little legs” by the head coach, these several wingers brought much-needed dynamic and flexibility.

When it comes to defence, Brazilians also do not disappoint. Big names such as Telles, Silva, and Marquinhos make up an impenetrable wall that will be quite hard to break through for every opponent, and even if they manage to do so, they will be met by one of the best goalkeepers in the world, Alisson. This year’s match against the Brazilians is truly like being between a rock and a hard place. 


One glaring weakness within the Brazilian roster is their midfield. With the exception of Casemiro, it is mostly made up of mid-level players who lack initiative and destructive potential. Will that be enough to make things work? Well, only time will tell; without a proper glueing of everything, even a team full of absolutely fantastic attackers and defenders may turn to shreds. 

Chances of Brazil Winning World Cup 2022

Selecao is considered a favourite by many, and we also think that among all the other teams, they do look good. Statistically speaking, their chances of going home with the trophy are probably somewhere around 26%. Tite managed to put together an impressive team of talent new and old, not without some mishaps and oversights, of course, but still. Compared to other headliners, like Argentina or perhaps Germany, they look mighty good.

Sportsbooks will probably agree with that statement since their odds also favour Brazilians heavily.

In Conclusion, Will This Be Brazil’s First World Cup Win Since 2002?

It is quite a tricky question to answer definitively, especially since we are not oracles or incredibly foresighted. The Brazilian national team for sure has better than average chances to win the World Cup; however, anything can happen. You have probably seen the game between Argentina and Saudi Arabia as well as the one between Germany and Japan. This World Cup is chaotic and full of surprises, which, of course, makes it ever so more exciting to watch yet exponentially tougher to make predictions for.

Still, as we have already said, Selecao is a major favourite, but in the end, only fate will decide whether they take it home or not.