Top 50 best businesses to start with little capital in Kenya and become a millionaire 2023


There are a number of businesses you can start with little capital in Kenya this year 2023 and become a millionaire. Some of them will cost as little as Ksh 1000 to start.

Most Kenyans blame lack of capital as the main reason they are yet to start business, which is not the case. If you have a business idea, you will definitely find a way to implement it.

Based on our research, below is a list of top 50 best businesses to start in Kenya with little capital and become a millionaire:

  1. Wines & Spirits shop
  2. Mobile Phone repair business
  3. Selling fresh milk
  4. Keeping kienyeji chicken
  5. PlayStation business
  6. Blogging
  7. Become a YouTuber
  8. Sell academic writing accounts
  9. Printing large banners and branded t-shirts
  10. Airbnb business
  11. Bodaboda business
  12. Become real estate broker
  13. Even organizing and management business
  14. Become a professional DJ
  15. Sell Turkey clothes online
  16. Web design services
  17. Welding and fabrication business
  18. Sell chapati & Mandazi in estates
  19. Sell bottled water
  20. MPESA and bank agency business
  21. Start a small restaurant
  22. Grocery shop
  23. Day care business
  24. Start recruitment agency for Middle East
  25. Offer CV and Cover letter writing services
  26. Offer massage, manicure and pedicure services
  27. Sell charcoal
  28. Sell gas cylinders and gas
  29. Sell kienyeji vegetables
  30. Sell mutura and soup
  31. Start butchery business
  32. Start a small Chemist
  33. Sell smartphones
  34. Sell fresh milk and Mursik
  35. Farming, grow vegetables and fruits
  36. Fast food restaurant
  37. Delivery business
  38. Start offering mobile loans
  39. Buy and sell Cryptocurrency
  40. Sell perfumes
  41. Shoe shining and repair business
  42. Sell mitumba bales
  43. Long distance transport business
  44. Sell miraa
  45. Start nyama choma joint
  46. Cake baking business
  47. Sell toys and children items
  48. Sell academic tutorials online
  49. Garage business
  50. Car wash business

Select any of these businesses and within few years you will be a millionaire.