Here is an expert explaining why schools from Kisii performed better than other schools in 2022 KCSE :

“It’s not true that Schools in Kisii cheated in this year exams .I can bear witness as an Education expert that the leaders in Kisii have been investing and plotting carefully on how to ensure their schools pass exams.

For example; delocalization policy was a brain child of Fred Matiang’i then CS EDUCATION and Interior with advise from the NSIS to destabilize teacher unions and stop teacher strikes led by Sossion.

Matiang’i then took advantage of delocalization policy to poach the best principals across Kenya and lumped them in schools in his larger Kisii region and his Nyamira home.

One such principal is the Nyambaria boys principal Mr. BOAZ OLOO OWINO who was poached from Maranda High at a time when Maranda was top school in Kenya.

Matiang’i via delocalization pushed out of Kisii region local principals some who had become local almighties and who were not adding value. Principals like Orina the current Kakamega high guy were thrown out of Kisii for poor performances while great luo and Luhya teachers and principals were taken to head schools like Nyanbaria.

Learners at Maranda went on strike burning dorms when their principal BOAZ was transferred, but Matiang’i stuck to his guns by ensuring Boaz landed at Nyambaria.

Matiangi then went ahead and EQUIPPED HIS VILLAGE SCHOOL OF NYAMBARIA with modern facilities, teachers, diet, dorms etc. Matiang’i would personally supervise the school every weekend and he reorganised the board of the school. He made his brother one John Matiang’i the BOM CHAIR. JOHN is also an educationist whom I worked with at KNUT HQS and currently CEC education in Nyamira county.

So, Nyambaria High School did not just wake up to lead in KCSE. It has improved drastically since the arrival of Boaz from Maranda. It has had a positive deviation of 1.5 points, in 2021 the school recorded a mean score of 9.3.

In 2022 the school posted a mean score of 10.8 points.

From our analysis, this school has the highest mean score so far nationally thanks to delocalization and Matiang’i.

All the 488 students who sat KCSE at Nyambaria will get direct entry to the university.

The school had 28 A plain, 383 A minus, 76 B plus and one B plain.

Other schools in Kisii county, with delocalised heads that performed well include Cardinal Otunga High School, Mosocho had 28 learners scoring A (plain), 201A- (minus), 97 B (plus), three B (plain), and one B (minus). Its among top schools in the country with a mean score of 10.76

The little-known Nyakongo Boys had six A minus, 91 B plus, 82 B plain, 14 B minus .

The school managed a mean score of 9.54.

Kebirigo High School managed a 10 per cent transition to university with all students scoring C plus and above.

Despite having no A plhain, four had A minus, 51 B plus, 201 B plain, 24 B minus and 11 C plus.