Here is a message from Chepkosgey Sarah to her husband about how she slept with a landlord, trending story in Kenya(Photo)


Chepkosgey Sarah has told off her husband who is nagging and asking her to return home. Through a message on social media the lady in Kuresoi told her husband that the children she has does not belong to him.Here is what she posted on Facebook:

“My former ex husband,let me tell you the truth naked about our last relationship. Since I came to kuresoi, you have been following me up and down ukitaka nikurudishie watoto wako. Bebibebi Jony,hawa watoto siyo wako,tulizaa na landlord hapo kipsitet. Kitam agonin kityok yon ongen ole,i have a pregnancy of two weeks to satisfy you. Utyenon,kimaisikwon lagok ee. Kiran iuson kot asagit lakini inguni kogechomnye ak emet inam ibirwon simoit iiii.

Below is the photo of the woman:

The husband is yet to reply to her but I am sure he is shocked.