Linet Toto’s boyfriend,Nifty Kim, who has proposed today(photos)


Linet Toto has revealed the photo of her boyfriend for the first time.Nifty Kim proposed during Valentine’s Day in order to own her.He had feared that Linet could soon be available to men of her level,hence the proposal.

Nifty Kim whose real name is Godfrey Kimutai Tonui, knelt before Toto and begged her to marry him.Toto received flowers and was slightly happy.They then proceeded to a hotel to take supper and rest, so that at least Linet can relax and become pregnant if possible.

Godfrey Kimutai is a young man who is trying this and that to make ends meet.He is an upcoming entrepreneur.

Mumia MP Peter Salasia had vowed to make Linet pregnant this month, something that angered Linet’s boydfriend who hurriedly came to seal loopholes.He will impregnate her as soon as possible to prevent any man near her.

Below are the photos of Linet’s boyfriend: