Photos of Peter Salasya Payslip—salary of MP in Kenya


Mumias MP Peter Salasya has shared his payslip online. The comedian MP revealed that he earns Ksh 1,171,525.This is gross salary.What shocked Kenyans is the mortgage he pays every month, according to the payslip, Salasya pays over Ksh500, 000 to mortgage company for a house he is buying in Nairobi. The tax being deducted by KRA is Ksh Ksh 337,540.30.

Salasya’s net profit after deductions is Ksh 97,197.80.This is the money he is remaining with every month. One wonders how he will survive with 97k per month.Well, Salasya manages CDF funds,he will make a lot of money from there.There are also other sources in parliament.

Here is the photo of his payslip: