Why you should not buy products from China Square Mall, advise from a senior government official


NCIC Commissioner has advised Kenyans not to buy products from China Square mall.Wambui Nyutu,who is a lawyer, claimed that the products are substandard. She also gave several reasons why Kenyans should think twice before buying products from the mall.

I had contemplated going to China Square to buy some Home accessories but decided against it.

Here is the reason why.

1. You are going to China square to buy goods whose raw materials are chinese.

2. You are going to china square to buy goods manufactured in China. (Think of the labor input)

3. You are going to china square to buy goods imported by Chinese. (Imagine, despite them using their raw materials and manufacturing, they even go ahead and export the said goods to our country)

4. As if all 3 above are not enough, they go ahead and rent a whole mall specifically for these goods and sell them to you themselves in the name of ”cheap household goods”

5. Once they make their mega profits, they send them back to their country to reinvest and lend loans to Kenya in high interest rates.

We are currently experiencing a serious shortage of dollars. The shilling is continually weakening against the dollar and still, dollars are not enough. Why? Because we are importing more than we are exporting. And the imports are done by foreigners!!Wow!

My dear friends,

As a country, we must make a tough decision.

1. What exactly do we want with ourselves? Our businesses?

2. How exactly do we plan to grow our economy if all monies made are invested in other countries?

3. Giving foreigners the right to do work that kenyans can do is the greatest insult to hardworking kenyans.

A while back, the law that prohibited foreigners from owning companies without the locals having a stake was lifted. This was the beginning of our troubles.

How can a country expose itself to such vulnerability? Are we more loyal to foreigners than we are to ourselves?

I have traveled to China once. I stayed for about 10days And I have also traveled to the US as well as some countries in Europe and Asia.

The naked truth is that the Chinese are the most racist people in the world. You will be walking in the streets and they will spit on the ground in disgust or call you monkey. Their police walk around with huge guns intimidating all black people (who are buying chinese products to export to their countries) I have never seen this sort of intimidation anywhere in the many countries I have traveled. These people have no respect for the black man but here they are with their goods which you must buy yet they hate you deep down and see you as trash.

Recently, we have seen Chinese nationals beating up their kenyan employees right here in Kenya. The audacity!! (I digress)

My Petition to my good friend and Mentor CS Moses Kuria. You have a genuine will to support trade between Kenya and other nations. This trade will not be helpful to us if it is carried out in this style where chinese are hawking like hustlers in the streets.

Hon CS, please sponsor a bill in parliament with the following recommendations (I will assist in drafting the bill)

1. No foreigner is allowed to import and distribute or retail sell their products in Kenya. If any foreigner is interested in having their goods consumed here, let them come, identify local partners, allow the partners to import, distribute and retail these products. A foreigner should only advertise such products but not do everything as if kenyans are dump.

2. Reintroduce the law where foreigners must partner with locals so as do do business.

If we as a country cannot do this for ourselves and for the sake of thousands of hustlers in Nyamakima, Isilii etc, then we can never ever help ourselves.