Who owns China Square Mall Kenya?


Lei Cheng is the owner of China Square Mall Kenya.The Mall opened its doors in 2023 and immediately it went viral.The owner spent over Ksh1 billion to set up the mall along Thika Road.After a couple of days,he was reporting Ksh10 million per day.

Lei Cheng had employed over 100 workers and the mall was already attracting ATM,taxi cars and banks which were ready to serve customers.

The mall didnโ€™t take time to break even because its items were priced lower than any other place in Kenya. Traders in Nyamakima and Kamukunji started protesting, resulting to Trade CS Moses Kuria to close the mall immediately.

Lei Cheng had vowed to continue operating but threats and intimidation from government forced him to close the mall immediately.

One sure thing we learn from the saga is that Kenyans are exploited by local traders. Lei Cheng had brought health competition which was to reduce prices of commodities across the industry.

Kuria argues that China cannot be the producer and sell as a retailer.He has promised to help Lei Cheng to set up a manufacturing firm in Kenya which will be selling the products to local traders.