Highest Paid Kikuyu Musicians 2023/2024


There are several Kikuyu musicians who have become millionaires simply because of producing the best music. If you are wondering who are the highest paid Kikuyu musicians, here is the full list:

  1. Samidoh

He is well known in Kenya for his amazing kikuyu songs (mugiithi), currently he is the best. Despite being popularly known as Samidoh, his real name is Samuel Muchoki Ndirangu. Samidoh started his music career right after finishing high school studies.

His breakthrough came after the release of Wendo wi ciama featuring Joyce wa Mama. Samidoh charges at least 45k-60k in clubs and at least 350k-500k for roadshow performances and appearances.

Some of his songs include;

  • Wendo Na Urimu
  • NdiriMutwe Mwega
  • Wendo Maguta

and many others

  • Jose Gatutura (Joseph Kanyi)

Jose has an amazing voice and has been able to produce some hit songs in his language which made him popular. He is always performing a live set. His charges are between 150k-400k. Sometimes his charges would go up depending on the demand of his services.

Some of his songs include;

  • mwari wa muthamaki
  • Ithabu ria wendo
  • Mbeca na wendo
  • Ndia Kihanya
  • Uhiki ndigatira
  • Waithaka Wa Jane (John Waithaka Mwangi)

His real name is John Waithaka but his popular name is Waithaka Wa Jane. Wa Jane hails from Murang’a County and the second popular mugiithi artiste, he is also the last born in his family. He admitted to getting his inspiration from Salim junior.

When it comes to his performances and appearances, Waithaka Charges range from 10l-350k Kenyan Shillings.

Some of Waithaka’s songs include;

  • Wandigiire Mwana Ukihika
  • Mwendwa ng’eno  
  • Wangeci Mwana Niekumoca
  • Ruo Rwa Wendo
  • Thina Muingi
  • Joyce Wa Mama

She is one of the popular mugiithi artistes who shine in mugiithi songs. Joyce has featured together with Samidoh in a popular song previously. She has successfully been in the music industry for over 10yrs now. Her charges are between 150k-350k just for a show.

Some of her songs include just mentioning a few;

  • Wendo ni uriu
  • Nowe sweety
  • Wendo Maguta
  • Ndingirira ringi
  • Tony Young (Antony Kamau)

Tony hails from Kiambu County and he is among the best mugiithi singers in Kenya. Due to his beautiful voice and amazing songs tony has a big following on his youtube channel with over 10k suscribers. Tony became popular after he got a chance to perform in a radio station. He charges 100k and above for his performances in the clubs and the events he is invited to.

Some of his songs include;

  • Nongeganithia
  • Ndingiumbika
  • Nindagwa Nawe
  • Mweri Umwe
  • 90K ka Msoh (Simon Wachira Mwangi)

He has been praised for being a stylish mugiithi singer to date. Mwangi popularly knowan as 90k is talented and gifted as a lead singer, song writer, guitarist and a soloist that hails from Nyandarua County. He gives credit to Samidoh for supporting his music career when he paid for his first production. 90k enjoys a good number of subscribers and viewers on his youtube channel. His charges range from 100k and above, for shows, appearance and performance.

Some of his songs include;

  • Thungutha
  • Mere tu
  • Kiwega
  • Imwe kwa Imwe
  • Ni U baby (just to name a few)