Top 20 Best Hotels in Kisumu


Below is a list of top 20 best hotels in Kisumu. If you want to book hotel in Kisumu, select one of these in the list:

  1. Sarova Imperial Hotel

It is located in Achieng’ Oneko Road, Kisumu, Kenya. Sarova is a 4-star hotel and its ambience, services, ample parking and facilities are on point. The facilities are divided to fit the customer’s needs.

(Contact: +254(737) 202 267)

  • Acacia Premier Hotel

Acacia is located on Achieng’ Oneko road, in Kisumu. It offers free Wi-Fi, has a spa Centre with an elegant accommodations in a smooth waterfront hotel with dining bars, an outdoor pool and lake views.

(Contact: +254 709 850 000)

  • The Vip Luxury Lounge Hotel

This is 3-star hotel that offers accommodation with a garden, it also contains a restaurant, bar and a free private parking. It also offers free Wi-Fi and air conditioning. It is located 1.1miles from Kisumu Museum, and 4.3miles from the Kisumu International Airport but also easily accessible from Kisumu Town Centre.

(Contact: +254 777 690 371)

  • The Vic  Hotel

It is a 4-star hotel and has an open garden, swimming pool, restaurant and a bar. Their rooms are fully equipped, with a television set, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, toiletries and a desk. It is located 3.7 miles from Kisumu international Airport and it is a 15 minutes’ walk from the Kisumu Museum.

(Contact: +254 792 252 506)

  • Lago Resort

It is located on Riat Hills with beautiful amazing views of Kisumu City, 10km from the Kisumu Museum. Lago Resort has a garden, free private parking, restaurant, bar and other accommodations.

(Contact: +254 707 721 269)

  • Ciala Resort Hotel

It is among the best Hotels in Kisumu city. Ciala Resort offers accommodation with sun terrace and free bikes, a shared lounge and a private parking. It is located 22km from the Kisumu Museum, 14km from the Kisumu International Airport.

(Contact: +254 705 333 555)

  • Milimani Holiday Resort

It is the most recognized hotels in Kisumu County. It offers excellent accommodation with a DSTV and free Wi-Fi. It is located in Milimani area near Lake Victoria in a quiet calm area.

(Contact: +254 710 568 262)

  • Whirlspring Hotel

It is located in Kisumu, (500metres) 5 minute walk distance from Kisumu Museum. whirlspring hotel offers a bar, restaurant, free Wi-Fi, room service and a private parking space.

(Contact: +254 714 163 314)

  • The Clarice House

One of the best hotels to visit in Kisumu. It has a beautiful on site restaurant, spacious parking, free Wi-Fi and excellent room is located in the calm suburb of Milimani, Kisumu.

(Contact: 057 2500 644)

  1. Sovereign Hotel

This hotel is luxurious and it consists of two restaurants, bar, spa, excellent accommodation/services and an outside pool. It is located in Milimani, Aput Lane, off Lolwe Drive.

(Contact: +254 723 973 888)

  1. Pinecone Hotel Kisumu

It is located along Dakar Road, Milimani Market in Kisumu and a 10minutes drive to the lake. It is a new executive hotel with quality services and excellent facilities.

(Contact: +254 705 594 600)

  1. Vittoria Suites

This is a luxurious hotel with suites available for businesses and vacationers are visiting Kisumu. It offers ample parking spaces, free Wi-Fi, excellent restaurant and bar services and accommodations, plus a garden.

(Contact: +254 791 574 747)

  1. Beach View Hotel

The best place to chill and relax. This hotel is located 2.5 miles from the Kisumu Museum; it offers an airport shuttle at $50 per vehicle. It also provides a garden and exquisite accommodation, free parking and a shared lounge.

(Contact: +254 795 401 127)

  1. Odelia Gardens Hotel

It is located Kisumu-Nairobi Road, 14 minutes’ walk from Kisumu Museum and 3 minutes’ walk away from municipal market. It has a restaurant, a garden and a bar. Preferably right for a country vacation.

(Contact: +254 797 542 449)

  1. The Homestay Cottage

It is situated in Milimani, Kisumu, and Impala way behind Nyanza Club. It offers free Wi-Fi, fitness Centre, a shared lounge, restaurant bar and a garden.

(Contact: +254 733 987 766)

  1. Lago Resort

It has the views of Kisumu city and it is also located on Riat Hills. The Lago environs offer the visitor a cool home away from the city busyness with spacious parking, luxurious accommodation, and shared lounge.

(Contact: +254 707 721 269)

  1. Le Savanna Country Hotel and Lodge

Le Savanna hotel has a sense of taste, style and class. It is located on the country side 5 minute drive away from the Kisumu Museum.

(Contact: +254 714 995 510)

  1. The Homestay Sundown Hotel

One of the best places to chill with friends and family, in Kisumu city. Sundown hotel is located on Ochieng’ Oneko road, Kisumu. If offers beautiful views of Lake Victoria, pleasant accommodations, free Wi-Fi, airport transportation etc.

(Contact: 0106 057161)

  1. Wigot Gardens

Wigot  Hotel is located on Kisumu-Kakamega Road, Kisumu (Milimani). It has beautiful views overlooking the Nandi Hills. It offers free internet, a restaurant, table tennis, darts, a swimming pool and exquisite suites etc.

(Contact: +254 708 112 222)

  • Rockwel Hotel

Located opposite Police line Milimani area Agha Khan Road. They offer great services in their restaurants, accommodations and their bar and also provide a secure environment for their customers.

(Contact: 020 7868362)