20 Cheapest Guest Houses in Kisumu


Below is a list of best & cheapest guest houses in Kisumu:

  1.  Nyumbani Cottages

It is located in Kondele Roundabout, Nyawit in Kisumu. A deluxe single room with a bed is 1,298 Kenyan shillings.

  •  Uzima Kisumu

It is situated at Kisumu international Airport Access Road, Uzima homes. For a one night stay, the price is 2,336 Kenyan shillings.

  •  Monalisa Guest House, Kisumu

The prices range from 1,869 Kenyan shillings for a night. It is located on Oginga Ondinga road, Kisumu.

  •  Mamba Village

It is situated at Konya road, Kisumu. The prices range from as low as 545 Kenyan shillings and above.

  •  Harrys Guest House Wing

It is situated in Impala way, Milimani Kisumu. The price per night is 2,336 Kenyan shillings and there are no prepayment needed.

  •  Mountain View

It is located 35km away from Ndere Island National Park and 11km from Maseno University. For a night spent in one of their rooms, the price is 1,824 Kenyan shillings.

  •  Beach View Hotel

It is located 4km away from Kisumu Museum. The hotel provides a room from as low as 1,908 Kenyan shillings a night.

  • Dala Homes Studio

To spend a night here, it costs 2,596 Kenyan shillings.  It is located in Ring road, Kisumu County.

  • The Vip Luxury Lounge Hotel

It is located off Tom Mboya Drive, opposite Riley falcon security, Kisumu. A room per night is 3,634 Kenyan shillings. 

  1.  Sooper Guest House

It is situated 6minutes drive away from the Kisumu Museum. Th Sooper guest rooms prices range from 3600 Kenyan shillings and above.

  1.  Joventure Hotel Limited

It is situated off a bustling commercial road, and 2km away from Kibuye market. A room per night is 2000 Kenyan shillings.

  1.  Hotel Homeland

The cost in this hotel a night is at least 4000 Kenyan shillings. It is located 7minutes drive to Kibuye Market.

  1.  Lago Resort

It is located on Riat College road, Riat Hills, Kisumu. Their lodging rooms prices range from 3400 Kenyan shillings and above.

  1.  Hotel Riversand

This hotel is located at Kamas, Accra Street, Kisumu, easily accessible. The room at Riversand per night costs 2,428 Kenyan shillings.

  1.  Ose Cottages

It will you one 4,092 Kenyan shillings to spend a night here. This is a safe place to spend a night; it is situated at Obwolo Secondary road, Kisumu, good for closeness to things to do.

  1.  The White Dove, Kisumu

A room per night here costs 2,979 Kenyan shillings. It is located on Tom Mboya estate, Kisumu International Airport Access road.

  1.  Cosy Garden Guest House

It is situated off Owuor road in Kisumu. The charges per night is 2,512 Kenyan shillings and above depending with one’s preference.

  1.  Annodas homes Milimani, Kisumu

They charge 2800 Kenyan shillings a night, breakfast included. It is located on Tom Mboya road, Milimani.

  1.  Melvin Hotel

It is located at 19735 Ojijo Oteko road in Milimani. The prices per night range from3,100 Kenyan shillings and above.

  • Rental Space

It is located 5 minutes away from the Lake Victoria. The prices range from 2,300 Kenyan shillings and above.