Things you didn’t know about Uhuru Kenyatta’s Northlands City in Ruiru—here are the photos


Northlands City is one of the biggest family owned cities in the world which is being constructed by former President Uhuru Kenyatta and his family. The city will cost the family a whopping Ksh 500 billion.

Northlands city was broken into by an armed group on Monday 27, 2023 by anti-government protests. The gang invaded the property in the noon armed with machetes and power saws. The gang cut down the trees planted along the perimeter electric fence and dragged away livestock grazing on the vast property. Around 7 pm fire brokes at the property.


Northlands city is a project by Kenyatta’s family, the ambitious project will comprise of a range of low-to-high income residential area, an agriculture area, school, an industrial area, commercial space and a central business district on a vast parcel of land. It will depict the real riches of the upcoming City’s within Kiambu County.


Northlands is an 11,556 acre land which is located 15km from the Nairobi city Centre and is traverse by the recently completed eastern bypass. Currently the most of the land is used for livestock grazing and wildlife, with eucalyptus trees around it.

Its tactical location near Central Nairobi and the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport [JKIA] is emphasized in the report as key benefits for those seeking to live or conduct businesses.


Former president Uhuru Kenyatta family is anticipated to draft similar project as the Tatu city by the name Northlands. Northlands is to host low-to –high income residential areas, commercial space, a CBD, schools an industrial area and an agricultural zone.

The Kenyatta family has shown interest in building a city on the vast land holding outside Nairobi with a formal application to authority for an environmental audit of the project. With the Kenyatta family being the biggest landowners in Kenya, they want to build the city on an 11,000 acre farm that is currently occupied by the daily processor Brookside.

According to the plan 3570 acres has been reserved for housing, with 3134 acres put aside for low density housing and 130 acres for medium density residential housing. The low density housing will have 601 villas and 1,320 town houses while the medium density housing area reserved for 670 townhouses and 368 housing units in block of flats.

Total of 6980 units on blocks of flats and some 3,100 townhouses has been planned for the high density residential housing area. The plan also shows that 390 acres have been pit aside for business area, and 33 acres that are reserved for shopping mall or hotel and 2 acres for clubhouse.


The city will comprise residential and an agriculture area, school, an industrial area, commercial space and a central business district on a vast parcel of land, also expected to host 250,000 people on over 11,000 acres of land.

One of the projects key objective is to address the needs of the emerging middle class. Although it will comprise different areas that cater to families, young professional and older couples.

The biggest portion of about 5,156 acres is set aside for wildlife conservation and livestock keeping at Gicheha farm.


The northlands city development is estimated to cost around 500 billion shillings.