Yesu Wa Tongaren Fears of Being Crucified like Jesus


Yesu wa Tongaren remain unshaken despite the Easter threats to crucify him on the cross from some of the villagers and people on social media flooding his photos and memes of the last supper. He has stood firm with his previous statements and claimed he is not worried at all, because Judas already died after betraying Jesus in the bible, and that the same Judas does not exist in his bible; this comes after claiming that his life was in danger from unknown people who plan hi crucifixion.

The Bungoma born man real name is Eliud Wekesa, born in 1981, and he came to the lime light after claiming to be Jesus the Messiah from the Bible. Eliud has maintained that he is not a married man and that he started communicating with terrestrial figures at early stages of his existence. Moreover, he received the title Yesu wa Tongaren at the age of 26 when he started commanding and leading his flock.

 Eliud leads his followers (12 to be precise) at his Jerusalem Mpya Kanisa La Yesu church, in Lukhokwe village, Tongaren Bungoma, he has also claimed that Easter celebrations comes on mid –July every year, and he celebrates with his follower for 3 days. This however is his own opinion. Back in the year 2018, he prohibited his congregation from attending matangas and from touching dead bodies.

Ahead of the Easter celebrations Eliud said those trying to crucify him “are dark hearts from Babylon. My father is letting them come together to attack me because he wants to destroy them.” He also went ahead to claim that he came to complete the work that he began two thousand ago, while speaking to the standard media.

Eliud said no one can cause him any harm especially during this Easter holiday. He told the standard media that “Jesus was only crucified once, and since I have come for the second time, it is written that I come to save those who await me, not to die for their sins a second time.” He boldly described his journey to popularity, claiming that his church has become a tourist attraction and those awaiting his crucifixion will be disappointed, Eliud also denied any claims of him running to hide in Uganda over fears.

Other religious leaders from Bungoma and around his village have previously come out and threatened to counter the Bungoma self-proclaimed messiah, arguing that he is misleading the public.