Meru Man Ambau Gitonga exposes 20 men who have been sleeping with his wife, here are the names


Ambau Gitonga has exposed 20 men who slept with his wife until she got satisfied.Ambau has even narrated how his wife wanted to kill him. In the list of 20 men are bodaboda riders who are notorious for sleeping with other people’s wives.

Ambau Gitonga is a teacher based in Maua, Meru County.His wife was sleeping with men while the man was in school busy teaching. The wife has slept with over 100 men but Ambau only knows 20 of them.Ambau’s wife goes by the name Kanake

Here is the list of men who Ambau claims that they were infected with a deadly disease by his wife:

1.Anthony Mugambi a.k.a Kim o nduthi 0743094228

2.Alex Mumakhola 0707314001

3.Ken of Bridge preparatory 0724132206

4.Ezekiel Kinoti a.k.a Jogoo 0715939533

5.Mark 0726213324 /0735210345

6.Mwiti kilemi 0726213324

7.Salesiu Kiranki 0718331515

8.John Nyaga 0729734148

9.Agrey Wafula 0710872677

10.Vildon Kiriama 0725852298

11.Patric Mwongera a.k.a Pato 0724807001

12.Fr. John Mariuko 0723482524

13.Tom Mugendi 0721357564

14.Tr Israel Kithure 0725080245

15.Domiano Kinyua 0729625714

16.Wilfref Omari 0729365526

17.Laban a.k.a chairman

18.Isaiah Muriuki 0700659492

19.Karithi Paul Marenge