Divorce drama as Morocco footballer Achraf Hakimi’s wife discovers he owns nothing


Moroccan international Achraf Hakimi has become a trending topic across the world after his wife discovered he owns nothing despite earning millions of shillings with Paris Saint Germain and the Moroccan national football team.

This discovery was made during ongoing divorce proceedings in court after his wife, Hiba Abouk, filed for divorce and asked for half of all the property and money the footballer owned.

To her shock, she discovered that Hakimi, 24, had registered all his properties and monies in his mother’s name, and whenever he needed anything, he would ask his mother to buy it for him.

All his houses, cars, clothes, and jewelry were found to be in his mother’s name, and millions in salary were deposited in accounts bearing his mother’s name.

The wife has decided to move on and start a new life.

Hakimi knew how women have treated footballers before,which is why he registered all his wealth under his mother.The wife didn’t know that,she was only waiting for the right time to seek for divorce.