Millicent Omanga Sex Video


A sex video of Millicent Omanga has emerged. From the video, she is sleeping in a bed while someone is recording. It seems someone who had just slept with her was recording, the person did not have good intentions.

Kenyans have commented on the video with others saying that it’s edited.I have watched it too and I believe she is not the one in the video.In a one minute video, Millicent is seen sleeping and not aware that someone was recording her.

The one who recorded the video has vowed to release another video with the actual action. It seems the man was demanding cash from Millicent but he was not given, he decided to release the videos.

This is the first time the incoming Internal Security CAS is facing such a storm.I hope her husband has not seen the video.

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has defended Omanga.Here is what she said:

“Yes i have seen the video mnanitumia. Theres absolutely nothing to be ashamed of there. We have all been sleeping butt naked at some point what is the big deal! The focus must immediately shift from the woman to the fool taking that video. Kwani wewe ni mtoto? What is your intention? There are women you cant bring down. Shenzi kabisa wewe. Infact nimeskia wakisema anakaa fiti sana”