Why Thee Pluto is depressed despite making Ksh 800,000 per month


Thee Pluto is one of the richest content creators in Kenya. He lives in a house paying rent of Ksh 120,000 per month, he also owns a house in Thika.The content creator makes Ksh 800,000 per month through his famous Thee Pluto Show. Today he has shocked Kenyans after revealing that he is depressed.

One of his friends has revealed that from 2022, Thee Pluto has not been himself. The situation worsened when his wife became pregnant. He had not planned for the pregnancy. The wife had initially dumped him but when she returned, she trapped Thee Pluto with a child. The content creator was almost refusing to accept the baby but he ended up marrying Felicity.

Thee Pluto has been having pressure of family and work.He has to make sure content is posted on his YouTube account daily, he has to market land and also attend to his family. Being a young person, he can’t handle all these things.

Initially, there were reports that Felicity became pregnant elsewhere na akawekelea Thee Pluto mimba.Thee Pluto was even advised by Andrew Kibe to do a DNA test but Felicity does not want the test to be conducted, arguing that it will lead to trust issues.

Thee Pluto has been in hospital several times and was told to rest at least ones a week.It’s because of this that he delegates most of his work to his juniors.