Photos of the air hostess who quit her 11 years job to join Pastor Paul Mackenzie’s church


This is Betty, a high flying air hostess who quit her 11-year job, sold her land for a whopping 7 million, and donated it ALL to the Malindi cult leader Pastor Paul Mackenzie. But that’s not all… she then decided to fast after being promised that she would meet Jesus!

But the story takes a tragic turn when Betty’s son Jason allegedly died while fasting with his grandparents while she was away working in Qatar. Devastated by the news, Betty returned to Kenya for the burial but disappeared soon after.

Her sister from Umoja, Nairobi claims that Betty left an emotional letter to her husband before leaving, hinting that she may never return.

What happened next will shock you! Betty sold all her belongings, packed up her kids, and headed to Malindi after hearing from a friend that they were all going to meet Jesus on the 8th of April.

But did Betty really meet Jesus? What happened to her after that? The mystery remains unsolved…