Shocking facts about Pastor Paul Mackenzie, the man who lured people into a cult in Shakahola


This is Pastor Paul Mackenzie… the man is directly responsible for the deaths of more than seventeen people (including children), whom he brainwashed into starving themselves to death. He thereafter had these people buried in shallow graves in Shakahola village, Kilifi.

In that list of 17, are the bodies of a family of five; a man, a woman and three kids, who have been recovered from one of the graves in Shakahola.

The first 7 bodies to be recovered were also found in 4 graves… meaning he is burying more than one person in one grave as is illustrated by the family of 5 and the first 7.

The DCI and other law enforcement officers are on site and have marked 58 other graves that they have not dug up yet.

Eleven members of his cult were rescued late this week, while starving themselves to death… three of them are in critical condition, including a 17 year old. They got their order to fast/ starve from Good News International Church, run by Pastor Mackenzie.

This guy tells his followers that God has told him to tell them not take their children to school and instead visit the church every day for life lessons, that they should quit their jobs, skip meals and not seek medical treatment in hospitals when sick.

In 2019, his Church in Malindi was shut down over the same controversial teachings… So, he moved further to the interior of Malindi, to Kilifi and set up… and even more people joined him, some coming from as far as Western Kenya.

Had this man been jailed for starving people back in 2019, the 17 confirmed dead today would still be alive… and whoever is in the remaining 58 shallow graves would not be there; instead, he was preaching on TV.