Why you should not date these types of women—they are liabilities


There are certain types of women you should not date,they are liabilities.Here are the types of women:

1. A girl who doesn’t have transport fare to visit someone that she claims she love. (liability)

2. A lady who can’t get you birthday or valentine gift but expect you to bring down the world for her during hers.(liability)

3. Someone who can’t comfortably call you on phone for 5 minutes.

Always flashing, complaining and requesting for data and airtime…(liability)

4. I wonder how some Men cope with ladies that think relationship is an occupation where she’s supposed to be paid and taken care of??

(S*x is not a benefit to only men.). She might not even allow you have the s*x, yet you keep spending on her like government, (liability)

5. Stop dating a liability no matter how beautiful she is. Beauty is a bonus, focus on her content!

Date a lady who can add something meaningful to your life.

Things like: financial intelligence, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence.

6. Date someone who’s capable of managing multiplying whatever she has and the ones you give to her, your soul will be at peace!

Not someone that will always be at the receiving end.

7. I’m not saying she must be rich.

But let her have something doing no matter how little it is, because no matter how much money you make, she must be able to assist you during the rainy days…