List of Fake pastors in Kenya, avoid their churches


There are genuine and fake pastors in Kenya, but the fake pastors are the majority. All these fake pastors preach the gospel of prosperity, they receive tithes which they use to live large. Each of them has his/her own church where followers are brainwashed.

Here is a list of the fake pastors in Kenya:

  • Paul Mackenzie from Kilifi

Paul Mackenzie runs a church in Malindi ,he has over 1000 followers. His church preaches about fasting where followers fast to death. Over 200 people have died so far and several graves have been discovered in Shakahola.The pastor has been arrested.

  • Victor Kanyari

Victor Kanyari is one of the most notorious pastors in Kenya. He owns a church along Kangundo Road.He also preaches in TV stations where he openly tells those watching to send money for prayers. The more you pay the more he prays for you.

Victor is famous for performing fake miracles.

  • Maina Ng’ang’a.

Pastor Maina Nganga takes a lot of alcohol.He has been arrested severally for breaking the law.Nganga owns Neno Evangelism Center where he collects money to help him live large.He owns a big hotel in Naivasha called Newstead Hotel which he wants to sell for Ksh 800 million.He built the hotel through tithe from his church.

  • Lucy Natasha

Rev Lucy Natasha lives a flashy livestyle.She has several chase cars and bodyguards. She owns EMPOWERMENT CHRISTIAN CHURCH which is attended by rich people only. Lucy is extremely rich, thanks to her followers who generously pay tithes.

Lucy preaches about prosperity and making it in life, she rarely preach about the kingdom of God.

  • Allan & Cathy Kiuna

Allan Kiuna and his wife Kathy are also fake. They eat all the money the congregation pay as tithes. They shamelessly ask their followers to contribute and buy a Prado for them,when followers walk on foot.

The two constructed a multimillion home in Nairobi where they live through money collected from the church.

  • Ezekiel Odero

Ezekiel Odero preaches in the coast. He prays for Mpango wa Kando to die,he also prays for people to get married. Religiously, he is related to Pastor Paul Mackenzie. Recently, he had a tussle with a morgue.  

Pastor Ezekiel sells water for several thousands, the water is meant to take people to heaven.

  • Prophet Owuor

Prophet Owuor owns a PhD,he is an academic doctor. Owuor owns Repentance and Holiness Ministry where women are brainwashed. He preaches about repentance and healing. He claims that he has healed millions of Kenyans and raised people from death.

  • Thomas Wahome of Helicopter

Thomas Wahome is also fake.He only prays for prosperity and all the tithe paid in his church goes straight to his pocket.

  • Comedian Muthee Kiengei

Pastor Muthee Kiengei does not shy away from saying that he is not a perfect preacher.He claims that money paid in his church is used to sustain him.He is a comedian who pretends to be a preacher.

  • Bishop Margaret Wanjiru

Margaret Wanjiru ran away from her marriage, her husband Kamangu suffered until he died.Wanjiru owns Jesus is Alive Ministries (JIAM) church which she uses to get money for her lifestyle.

  • Pastor Pius Muiru

Pastor Pius Muiru became very rich because of his church, he even got money to complain for presidency which he didn’t win.Pius Muiru performs fake miracles in his church.

  • Ole Sapit

Ole Sapit is the head of Anglican Church Kenya.He shamelessly supported President Ruto in 2022.This means that he is not nonpartisan.

  • Bishop Paul Kariuki

Paul Kariuki is also another pretender, he acts like a politician. His church is like a tax collection center.

  • Kamlesh Pattni

Kamlesh Pattni became famous over Goldenberg scandal.He ate a lot of billions, leaving Kenyans with abject poverty. He later opened his church to clean the money.

  • Yesu wa Tongaren

Another fake pastor is Yesu Wa Tongaren,he calls himself Jesus Christ.He has fake disciples who live in abject poverty.