Oga Obinna Fired from Kiss FM—see the reason


Oga Obinna has been fired from Kisii FM.His contract was not renewed despite begging the station to consider him because he has many mouths to feed. His exit marks exactly one year since he joined the station…his stint at Kisii FM was short like a hen’s shot.

The reason he quit is because his chemistry with Kwamboka was wanting.Kwamboka is not as easy going as Obinna,she doesn’t like jokes—she is a serious lady who wants to live a decent life.There is no single photo the two were taken while holding each other hands or leaning towards each other.Kwamboka generally didn’t like Obinna.

The station is considering someone who is more serious, not necessarily a comedian but a person connected in the corporate world who can attract adverts.Obinna was not bringing any business to the station, he was just there!

Radio Africa told Obinna on his face,”we are not renewing your contract” Though painful,Obinna had to accept his fate.He is now back to the streets with his bedroom comedy.

The station will replace him soon.