Shocking photos of Pastor Mackenzie’s 800 acres of land in Malindi where he buried bodies


We have obtained photos of 800 acres of land in Malindi where Pastor Paul Mackenzie was burying bodies of those who fasted to death.The fake pastor had purchased the land after selling his cars and TV station to Pastor Ezekiel.

Pastor Mackenzie buried over 200 bodies in the land for them to go and meet Jesus Christ.He specifically preached about fasting and whoever started fasting could not come out alive.After someone died,the Pastor possessed all his assets and money.He claimed that Jesus did not want anything from anyone,all he wanted is a spirit,which is why everyone in the congregation sold everything and handed over money to Mackenzie before they started fasting.He knew that when they are dead,they won’t claim the money back.

Already police have retrieved more than 80 bodies, we expect more bodies to be retrieved.

Below is the land where those fasting to death are being buried: