Woman kills her child in Kitengela and eats the intestine (video)


A woman in Kitengela has stabbed her child several times, killed her and eaten her intestines. The woman was dumped by her man who went ahead to marry another woman. Due to frustrations, she turned into her child and stabbed her over 100 times.

People were watching helplessly as she killed her child, others tried to open the door which was closed but it was too late. The video shared online showed the woman tearing the 2 year old apart and feasting on his meat.

Olivia Naseren has been arrested after the incident and she will be charged with murder.

This has happened 2 days after a man killed his girlfriend because she was cheating with her boss. The two were working in Chicken Inn Kitengela.

Here is the video of the woman killing her child,watch here


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