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Pastor Ezekiel Odero of new life church Biography


Ezekiel Odero is a famous pastor and the founder of New Life Church in Mavueni, Kilifi County. He has garnered a huge following due to the miracles he performs in his Church and crusades.

Real Name:                Ezekiel Odero

Year of Birth:             Unknown

Age:                             Unknown

Gender:                       Male

Career:                        Pastor/Religious Leader

Place of Birth:             Rusinga Island, Homabay County

Nationality:                 Kenyan

Children:                    2 Chidren (1 adopted)

Networth:                    Ksh. 1billion

Marital Status:             Married

Early Life

Ezekiel Odero was born in 1970s in Rusinga Island, Homabay County. Ezekiel hails from a humble background and he was raised by his mother and grandfather under a strict Christian family. He attended the 7th day Adventist Church where he was a choir member. In church he learned to play the Keyboard, this helped him towards a career in church ministry.

Pastor Ezekiel schooled at the Ngodhe Island Primary School in Rusinga. He attended school during the day while at night he went fishing with his mother due to his humble family background to assist his family with finances.

The fishing at night job affected Ezekiel performance in school which led him to score 210 marks out of 700 in KCPE. Pastor Ezekiel grandfather, Daniel Odero former Kenya Wildlife Service employee took Ezekiel and they moved to Seme where he enrolled him at Yeye Primary School. Ezekiel sat again for KCSE and this time he passed, this earned him an admission to Miwani High School in Chemilil, Kisumu.

After four years of study, pastor Ezekiel sat for his KCSE exams and he scored a mean grade of C. He then travelled to Mombasa, and enrolled at Mombasa Polytechnic the now Technical University of Mombasa where he pursued Chemical Processing Technology Course. Pastor Ezekiel did not last long as he later dropped out when he was in 2nd year due to financial challenges.


Pastor Ezekiel worked in a construction site when he first moved to Mombasa following his high school studies. In Mombasa he also got involved with Maximum Miracle Church headed by Bishop Pius Muiru. At Maximum Miracle Church Ezekiel served as a choir teacher and a keyboard player before he got promoted to be a Praise and Worship teacher.

Pastor Ezekiel became one of the spiritual sons to Bishop Pius Muiru, he has also been quoted saying he turns to him (Bishop Pius Muiru) for advice when faced with problems. It is while in Mombasa that Pastor Ezekiel met with Pastor Sarah, his future wife. Ezekiel says they shared a similar vision, they came together and opened the New Life Church in Shanzu.

The church in Shanzu grew rapidly by having huge following for Christians in Mombasa, but after 15yrs, Pastor Ezekiel moved the church to Mavueni, Kilifi County where his wife comes from and there he purchased a 6.5acre parcel of land. Here he built a mega church with a capacity of almost 45,000 people.

Besides building the church, Pastor Ezekiel has constructed other facilities on the purchased land. He has constructed a four-storey flat to accommodate church employees and family members. He has also constructed a school and University, cottages for church guests, a supermarket, restaurants, a hospital and a rehab centre.

Personal Life

Pastor Ezekiel Odero is married to his wife Pastor Sarah Odero, his partner in the ministry. He met his wife in Mombasa when he was working as a mason. Their relationship developed into romance after spending enough time together, this led Ezekiel to propose to Sarah.

Moreover, Ezekiel claims the start of his relationship was easy but his family opposed their union and claimed his wife was not educated enough. Pastor Sarah dropped out of primary school – uneducated, however Ezekiel stood with his wife because he loved her.

Despite the opposition from family, Ezekiel experienced financial difficulties. He was a young pastor struggling to build his life; he could not afford much when he proposed to his wife. Ezekiel took two goats and a ring costing 15 shillings. Sara’s family was reluctant at first but later agreed to the marriage.

Pastor Ezekiel and Sarah have been married for over a decade and they together have three children. Two of his children are his biological while one is adopted- this after his brother’s wife died giving birth. Ezekiel and his family reside in Mavueni, in the same compound where the pastor’s church is.


Pastor Ezekiel is a known philanthropist who has helped children to attend schools by paying for their school fees. He has constructed a school, rehabilitation centre and clinics for their community.

Scandal/Cult and Controversies

Pastor Ezekiel Odero has been rumored to acquire his wealth through selling of anointing oils, handkerchiefs and holy water. A funeral home in Kilifi County has recently threatened to pastor Ezekiel, over claims he performed miracles that led to closure of the facility

In a televised service, Pastor Ezekiel faulted the owner of the milele funeral burial and benevolent services in Mbogolo area for coming up with a morgue adjacent to a black spot on purpose in order to benefit from the deaths arising from accidents along Mombasa-Malindi road.