The relationship between Pastor Ezekiel and Dorcas Gachagua (Photo)


Pastor Ezekiel and Dorcas Gachagua are related in church matters. Dorcas owns a church just like Pastor Ezekiel. Last year when Ezekiel was holding a crusade in Nairobi’s Kasarani Stadium, Dorcas attended alongside some of her family members, she was seen in the front row, she even spoke to the congregation.

It was the first time Dorcas attended the crusade.

Pastor Ezekiel was arrested today for being a close associate of Pastor Paul Mackenzie. He owns a church in Mombasa and in his compound there is a cemetery. The pastor also owns a mortuary where those who die in his church are preserved.

Pastor Ezekiel owns Ksh 800 million house in Mombasa which he built using his followers tithes. He also sells holy water to the followers.