Why President Ruto is losing a lot of weight (Photos)


The pictures of President Ruto and that of DP William Ruto are totally different. The President has lost a lot of weight and he keeps losing more. Kenyans are worried that the rate at which he is losing weight is alarming. Latest photos show that it’s not the usual President we know, he looks weak and tired.

One of the reasons is that he is facing the challenge of paying salaries to government employees. The money our government is collecting is not enough to pay debts, give out to counties and pay salaries. He is faced with the challenge of satisfying everyone. Even as he tries his best, his health is also affected.

Ruto is also faced with enormous challenge of dealing with opposition which is growing stronger each day. The opposition is being supported by former President Uhuru Kenyatta and it’s well organized. Already, Raila has indicated that he is resuming demonstrations—that alone is headache to the president.Raila being in a familiar territory and Ruto in unfamiliar territory is proving to be eating Ruto more than the opposition leader.

The president found a dilapidated economy, he is trying hard to prove that he isn’t a failure.

When the problems are compounded, they leave Ruto is an awkward position with sleepless nights.Ruto is a performer, he doesn’t have a don’t care attitude like the former President.normally,such a character is affected when he is unable to solve problems ahead of him.

It seems technically, his Deputy is not helping him much, all the serious challenges are on Ruto’s shoulders.

Here are the photos of President Ruto: