Photos of beautiful woman Gorrethy Misoi who has left her man to another woman peacefully


Gorrethy Misoi lives in Eldoret,she has been married for 13 years through a church wedding. Two years ago she discovered that her husband is eating another woman. Despite fighting for her marriage, the husband didn’t listen—he went ahead and started sleeping in the other woman’s house.

Gorrethy decided to call it quits today. Here is a message she wrote to her competitor:

“A time like this 13 years ago I was in a very white gown,but the sad part of it is that marriage is a big scam😭😭

Janet jepkemei working with moi university nimekubali kushindwa mama, take good care of our husband.wish you well,munialike Sheree ndakuja na zawadi”

Gorrethy is now single and not searching, but soon she will start searching and again share her new man with other women.

Here are the photos of the beautiful woman: