Woman by the name Yvonne Kontoz calls off Her wedding after boyfriend told her to dump baby daddy


A woman by the name Yvonne Kontoz has shocked the world after calling off her wedding when the boyfriend told her to dump the baby daddy before they get married. The woman said she can’t do that, arguing that the baby daddy has a strong bond with son,he can’t be dumped just like that.

Here is the post she shared on Facebook:

“Few days ago i called off my Engagement…wuuueh,nyota yangu ni kama pastor Ezekiel ameenda nayo jela…

My Fiancé was good,he loves me,has no problem with Taking care of me and my daughter Fully but there are things I can never compromise no matter how good you are to me…And one of them Is the relationship My daughter has with Her Father..

That has always been my rule..I broke up with my B.daddy but he didn’t Break up with his child,.the bond my daughter has with her dad is something i can never compromise just to make the man im dating feel nice..

My Child is loved,my daughter is well taken care of,my little Girl has a Father,a very responsible father and I cannot Break the bond they have just to get married or to fit your needs…

I also understand,many men date bitter single mom’s who are willing to even change their children identity to that of the new man they are dating/married to..many S.Moms even change their sim cards ..in worst cases,other even neglect their kids to make their lovers happy…

“Napenda mtoto wako vile nakupenda”is a narrative I barely buy…My Child is to be respected,she’s already Loved”

So denying my child her Fathers love just to make you happy can never be me!.

It seems the two were seeing each other without the boyfriend’s knowledge.