Top Strip Clubs in Mombasa


If you love going out to strip clubs for relaxation, meeting friends and having party after party or may be are wondering if there are an strip clubs in Mombasa, here is a list of some of them;

  • Lasco Club

It is one of the top rated entertainment joints in Mombasa with a beautiful layout. There are pole dancers and strippers and wide range of drinks for your entertainment. It is situated opposite Ziwan G House, Mombasa Road.

  • Klub Mzinga

This club is among those top rated with it comes to entertainment with adult content, that is pole dancing and strippers on stage. It is situated at Old Shimo la Tewa road, Mombasa.

  • New Makuti Club

It is one of the best adult entertainment clubs, they have strippers and pole dancers, it is located at Malindi Road in Mombasa.

  • The Market Village Club

This is another club that specializes in adult entertainment. One of the best, with exotic dancers (strippers) and a wide range of drinks.

  • Club Whispering Shade

Some of the activities they offer are; restaurants with delicious food strip club and mobile food services. It also has a spacious place to meet with friends and catch up. An entertainment base that is unforgettable once you visit.

  • Club Hypnotica

It offers night clubbing, bar, and they also have pole dancers and strippers. This is a place where the party never stops. If you are a party person this is a place for you.

  • Noons Club

It is situated at Moyne Dr, Mombasa. It has a fair ambience for entertainment. A place to relax and enjoy yourself with drinks and dancing. There are also strippers and pole dancers for your entertainment.

  • Little Drips Bamburi

This Club is situated next to Vescon est 1. Bamburi in Mombasa. This is an adult entertainment spot with sports bar and grill where you can meet up with friends and have drinks, dance with exotic dancers present.

  • Torash Entertainment

This entertainment joint is located off Nyali road, in Mombasa. They have a wide range of drinks. Here there are strippers/pole dancers too for your enjoyment.

  • Club Standard Restaurant

It is situated behind new times hotel in kirinyaga road, Mombasa. They offer adult entertainment (strippers), a wide range of drinks, and best music for your relaxation.

  • Kreto Graphix

This club is located at Majengo road in Mombasa. This is one of the strip clubs in Mombasa, a place you can party and have fun.

  •  Casablanca Club

Casablanca is one of the largest clubs in Mombasa with enough spaces for people who like dancing, night spot in the city of Mombasa with a wide range of drinks and exotic dancers for your entertainment. For sports lovers there is a section for you too.

  •  Club Tropicana

They offer the following services; restaurants, food activities, a wide range of drinks and strip clubs. It is situated in Maweni, Mtwapa. For your enjoyment and relaxation visit this place.

  • Ispot Entertainment

It is situated at old Malindi road, Mombasa. They specialize with adult entertainment activities, that is pole dancers and strippers are available.