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What are basketball blocks?


In basketball, a block is a defensive move where a player jumps and makes contact with the ball while an opposing player is attempting to shoot. Make a fast bet online only on 1xbet.com/en, where you can also wager on players making blocks. This causes the ball to be deflected or redirected, preventing the shot from being successful.

A block is an important defensive skill in basketball, as it can disrupt the opposing team’s offensive strategy and prevent them from scoring points. When making a fast online bet only on 1xBet, it is also possible to wager on the most prolific scorers. A successful block can also provide a momentum boost to the defensive team, and can energize both players and fans.

How to make these blocks

To perform a block, a defender must time their jump correctly and position themselves in a way that allows them to make contact with the ball. Speaking about sports with balls, the football online betting from 1xbet.com/en/line/football can also be made at any moment.

They must also be careful not to make contact with the opposing player, as this can result in a foul being called against them.

There are several different types of blocks that can be performed in basketball. They include:

  • one-handed block;
  • two-handed block;
  • chase-down block;
  • and vertical jump block.

Make online betting from 1xBet on basketball or football, where these kinds of blocks are also featured. Each type of block requires different techniques and timing, and can be effective in different situations.

How these blocks work

One-handed blocks are usually performed by taller players and involve reaching up with one hand to swat the ball away from the shooter. At 1xbet.com/en/live/basketball it is always possible to make live wagers on the best blockers too. 

Two-handed blocks are similar, but involve using both hands to make contact with the ball. These types of blocks are often used against jump shots and layups.

Chase-down blocks are a type of block that occurs when a defender chases an opposing player. Normally the latter has broken away from the defense and is attempting a fast break or a layup. The defender must sprint to catch up with the opposing player and time their jump correctly to make contact with the ball before it reaches the rim.

Vertical jump blocks are performed when a defender jumps straight up to make contact with the ball, without reaching or leaning into the shooter. This type of block is often used against players who are attempting to shoot close to the basket. At 1xBet you can wager on many outcomes related to basketball, including what blocks can be made.