Is Edday Nderitu planning to dump Samidoh,see what she is doing in USA


Latest news indicate that Edday Nderitu has decided to move on.Edday has been in the US for a month now, living with Bernice Saroni.She was expected to be back after two weeks but her stay in the US has been prolonged. Sources say that she has decided to be a permanent resident of USA.She is processing documents that will enable her live and work in USA.

Today Edday has unfollowed Samidoh on Instagram, signs that she is slowly doing away with him.She is also contemplating changing the names of her children to remove Samidoh’s names from the birth certificates.

The two have not been in good terms for some time due to Karen Nyamu’s presence. Though Samidoh has appeared to show that things are okay, the truth of the matter is, things aren’t okay.

There was a time Karen Nyamu wanted to separate with the musician, it was last year when they toured Dubai.However, after three weeks of silence, Samidoh apologized to Nyamu and they reunited.His action angered Edday.

 Edday has been writing acres of stories on social media to show the public that she is not okay. Despite her frustrations, Samidoh has never dumped Karen—the more Edday lament, the more Samidoh loves Karen.

Eddah will quit the marriage and start her own life. What is hindering her is the fact that she doesn’t have enough money to finance her lifestyle.