Men from these Kenyan tribes satisfy women in bed


If you want to marry from a tribe in Kenya that satisfy women in bed, you should look for men from these tribes:

  • Kisii

Kisii men have very big msorokembo which make women go crazy. They also don’t get tired in bed. You wonder why women don’t divorce Kisii men yet they mistreat them—it’s because of the sweetness in bed.

Majority of Kisii men don’t smoke, take miraa or alcohol, they are also slim.

One thing about Kisii men is that they take food that make them strong in vegetables, ugali and sweet potatoes.

  • Maasai

Maasai men have what we call Ngati which increases friction during sex.They make women go extremely crazy in bed.For them, even 5 minutes are enough to satisfy a woman.

The Maasais take herbal medicine which clean their blood,a lot of milk and vegetables which contribute to their strength in bed.

  • Luhya

Another tribe you can count on when you want satisfaction in bed is Luhya men, they have extremely big manhood which rise to the occasion when needed. Women are always happy when married to Luhya men…but these men don’t marry only one wife, they can marry even up to 10 wives.

  • Luo

Luo men are the most romantic men in bed and among those with sweet game. They will give all you need in bed until you don’t love anyone else. But the problem with Luo men is that they will date 10 women at the same time and treat them equally. You may think you are alone only to discover that you are 10.

  • Kalenjin

Kalenjins are good in bed when they have confidence and experience. But naïve ones will only go for one premature shot and sleep.

  • Turkana

Turkana may not be all over Kenya but are very powerful and blessed with the fimbo.You won’t believe how good they are in bed.