“All married Kenyan women cheat”, Sandra Dacha to Kenyan men


Akuku Danger’s girlfriend and comedian Sandra Dacha has told men what they don’t want to hear, that all Kenyan women cheat. The content creator revealed that though all Kenyan men behave as if their wives don’t cheat, the truth will shock them.

“Alot of married men think no one is chewing their wives😁they even swear their wives can’t dare cheat! Haiya!”,she wrote on her Facebook page.

Kenyan men were furious, calling her names for what she said. But women agreed that though they are married, sometimes they cheat.

It’s also important to note that Kenyan women cheat in a smart way, they clear evidence and any other traces. It’s almost impossible to catch a Kenyan woman cheating. But since men have never caught their wives cheating, they assume that they are faithful.