First class honours graduate holder in Nandi commits suicide for failing to get a job


Michael Kibet is dead.The young man from Nandi County scored first class honors from JKUAT in 2021.He has been searching for employment ever since without any success.

Kibet is said to have committed suicide at his brother’s compound in Lessos after searching for employment opportunities in vain.the quiet man has never told anyone of his frustrations,even is brother didn’t know he was about to end his life.

Michael Kibet, a graduate of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), is said to have committed suicide at his brother’s compound in Lessos after searching for employment opportunities in vain.

Kibet, 26, graduated with a First Class honours degree in ICT and Telecommunication from the Juja-based institution in 2021 having also scored A plain from Meteitei Boys High School in Tinderet Nandi.

“We are really saddened by the loss of Michael. He was a hardworking and disciplined boy in our location. He ended his life out of frustration according to his brother,” Rugut said.

The deceased hoped to secure employment immediately after his studies after graduating top of his class.

“The locals were really shocked by his demise. Many didn’t believe as he has been a very humble boy and very responsible,” the chief said.

Until his death, Kibet was living with his mother a retired nurse and single mother, who has been educating her children alone after the death of her husband.

“It is really difficult to tell what could be the major contributor to Kibet’s death as his parents really laid a good foundation for them educationally, it is really sad losing such a vibrant young man,” he added.

The body of the deceased was moved to Samaritan Funeral Home in Kapsabet as funeral preparations continue. He will be laid to rest on Friday, June 9, 2023.

Based on this story,it’s paramount that graduates in Kenya should drop their ego.Scoring first class or A in school doesn’t mean you are the best.The country does not owe you anything,it’s upon you to put your papers aside and hustle like a school dropout. Getting a job in Kenya is not easy,it needs connections and luck. But you can make yourself busy by doing farming or jobs that are perceived to be for school dropouts as you wait to secure a job related to your papers.