Photos of Christine Karimi the Rongai woman who stabbed husband and killed her two children


Christine Karimi is fighting for her life in hospital after trying to commit suicide for doing the unthinkable. The Meru woman stabbed her husband 2 times, sending him to the floor, she went straight to her bedroom and killed her two children by stabbing them with kitchen knife.

The argument between Christine Karimi and her husband Rodgers Andere started after he arrived home past 1 am on Thursday 8/6/2023.She asked him to give her his phone to check messages. When Rodgers refused, an argument ensued. Christine went straight to kitchen and took a knife which she used to stab her husband head and neck. The husband fell on the floor. Christine thought she had killed him and went ahead to kill her children.

Andere escaped death by a whisker after he left the house bleeding and sought help from neighbours who rushed him to a nearby health facility.

Neighbours say the couple has been having domestic issues.

They are both admitted at the Kenyatta National Hospital.

Andere is a brother to youthful Nairobi businessman CEO Dida, who displays a lavish lifestyle on Instagram and is very popular on social scenes.