Why plus size Kenyan women love slim men


Kenyan women have confessed that they love slim men. They rarely get attracted to fat men. One of the reasons why plus size women love slim men is because they are so good in bed. Those slim men have a lot of energy, they have exercised enough and are very flexible. They can last for long in bed because of their flexibility.

Slim men also have big manhood compared to fat men. Plus size women love someone who can satisfy them. Being strong and having a big manhood is a complete package. A man with these two attractive features will last on bed for more than 2 hours.

Slim men are also very attractive, something that turns on plus size women. They don’t like someone who is as fat as them.

They also want someone who can be on top of them for long without any problem. Fat men are heavy and during love making, they make women get tired quickly because of their weight.

Apart from wanting slim men, Kenyan women also want tall and dark men. They don’t prefer brown men because most of them aren’t straight.