Trending photo of Plus Size couple in Kenya. People are asking a lot of questions


This photo of plus size couple in Kenya is trending. The two were relaxing in a field after church when someone took them a photo. The man looks heavier than the woman, which make Kenyans ask several questions.

The man weighs more than 140kgs, which clearly indicates that he is overweight.From the picture ,just imagine him on top of the woman—will he manage?!!

As a man if you want to perform extremely well in bed, you have to be very flexible and not overweight.Clearly,the man is not fit for the job. The woman too is not flexible.

Kenyans are trying to imagine how they do it on bed considering that both weight more than 140 kgs.It’s mission impossible.

One of the best ways to lose weight is by exercising regularly and taking a lot of fruits and fruit juice like lemon.Also take tamarind juice.