How FXpesa Limited is scamming Kenyans on Facebook


FXpesa Kenya limited is scamming Kenyans on Facebook without mercy.It’s run by conment who pretend to be running a promotion where participants win millions.The guys hack one’s Facebook account and get contacts for that person which they send messages to requesting them to pay Ksh 500 and participate in the promotion.

What they do is that they pick random email addresses which are used to login to Facebook accounts. Then try to login to the Facebook account.A code is sent to you through SMS and they tell you to send to them the code.If you send the code,they login to your Facebook account,change password and email address. From there they are able to send messages to all your Facebook friends requesting them to register with Ksh 500 and participate in the promotion.

In case you get a message from FXpesa,ignore it because they are scammers.Even when you send the money to them, they will again tell you to pay activation fee.Once you pay,they block you forever.

One trick they use is that the send the message to your most trusted people such that when they tell him/her to register,they are not suspected.Before you pay any money,pleace contact the person sending the message(your friend) through a call and inquire from them.